Hello! Today I’m going to share with you 25 sentence stems to help children develop a growth mindset. I hope you enjoy.


Let me make this clear, sentence stems are AWESOME. Why? You may ask.

Because they help children learn how to express themselves, and they also provide a framework for thinking about and responding to problems. Research has shown that sentence stems can improve students’ performance on standardized tests.

One of the primary advantages of using sentence stems is that it sets an example for proper language, tone, and cognitive sequencing needed for different activities. In addition, it allows children to remember the sequence of steps for performing a task without having to rely on external aids such as pictures or words.

This is not only helpful for learning new tasks, but it can also help children to develop a growth mindset. When children see that they are capable of learning new things and making progress, they are more likely to approach future challenges with confidence and a positive attitude.


Here are 25 sentence stems to help children develop a growth mindset

25 Sentence Stems To Help Children Develop A Growth Mindset


Creative Thinking Sentence Stems

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Creative thinking sentence stems are good to use when you want your students to explore different aspects of their creativity. For example, ‘I am good at _____ because ______.’ This sentence stem will prompt them to think about what they are good at and the reasons behind why they believe that.

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Here are five of our favorites:

I believe _____ can cause the world to _____.

If I were in charge of _____, I would _____.

A product that doesn’t exist but would solve the problem of _____ is _____.

I think a fun way to _____ would be _____.

My favorite thing to do is _____ because _____.


Self-Knowledge Sentence Stems

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Self-Knowledge Sentence Stems are an excellent method to get kids thinking about themselves and the world around them. ‘The finest thing about me is _____ because _____,’ for example. This sentence stem will encourage children to identify the positive aspects of themselves and why they are beneficial.


Here are some of our favorites:

I learned the most about _____ because I ______.

In the future, I want to _____ because _____.

I am good at _____ because _____.

I get frustrated when ______ because ______.

When I feel ______, it means ______.


Persistence Sentence Stems

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Persistence is a desirable trait, especially when it comes to education and learning. Using sentence stems to encourage your pupils to consider perseverance is a wonderful way to get them started. ‘I was able to do so because I kept on trying, even after ____’ This phrase stem will allow students to relate their accomplishments with their tenacity.


Here are some of our favorites:

I made mistakes, it made me _______ .

I felt like giving up, but I ______.

If at first, you don’t succeed, then _____.

I was having trouble with _____, so I ______.

When I’m feeling stuck, I ______.


Reflection & Metacognition Sentence Stems

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Metacognition occurs when an individual contemplates their thoughts and emotions. You can guide your students to start thinking about reflection and metacognition by employing sentence stems, such as ‘The best thing I did today was _____ because _____.’ This particular stem will enable them to see the correlation between their positive actions and the motivations behind those actions.

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Here are some of our favorites:

The difference between success and failure is _____.

I can tell that I am learning because _____.

When I’m stuck, it usually means _____.

One way to find out if I understand something is to _____.

A good way for me to remember how to do something is by _____.


Collaboration Sentence Stems

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Students are more likely to value collaboration once they understand that it goes beyond working with others. Starting your students thinking about collaboration by using sentence stems is a smart idea. ‘I was able to _____ because we all worked together and ______’ is an excellent example of a sentence stem that might help them connect their collaborative activities to the reasons behind why they did them.


Here are some of our favorites:

We were able to _____ because ______.

I think it’s important to work together because ______.

When we all cooperate, it makes _____ possible.

If we want to achieve _____, then we need to ______.

For this to work, everybody should _____.


Positive Thinking Sentence Stems

Thinking positively is a great way to stay motivated and happy. A great way to get your students to start thinking about positive thinking is by using sentence stems. For example, ‘I am grateful for _____ because _____.’ This sentence stem will help them connect the things they are grateful for to the reasons behind why they are grateful.


Here are some of our favorites:

From mistakes, I learned to _____.

I’m glad I tried _____ even though it was _____.

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It’s okay to feel ______ because ______.

A problem is an opportunity to _____.

In order to achieve _____, I will _____.



There are many benefits to using sentence stems with your students. Sentence stems can help students to organize their thoughts, reflect on their experiences, and think about the world around them. Using sentence stems is a great way to encourage critical thinking and promote student engagement. I hope you enjoyed this blog post about 25 Sentence Stems To Help Children Develop A Growth Mindset.

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