October 20, 2020

College Personal Statement Example

My major is Journalism and I want to be a translator in the future. I had its experienced at my high school. I’m Japanese, and I came to US three and half years ago. I graduated from J.F.K. High school in Seattle.

I am a firm believer that one should always make an effort to communicate with a person in their native language. As people develop increasing links with people from other countries in terms of culture, business and economics, the need to communicate accurately and fluently with such people in their own language is becoming increasingly important. This is the primary reason that pushed me to study for a joint honors degree in US.

My passion for learning languages developed after I was first selected as an interpreter in my school and then promoted further. Accordingly, I did not hesitate in choosing this field as my future options. I hope studying this will enable me to further develop my knowledge and language skills and hopefully I can gain employment as a translator or interpreter.

The specialist needs in-depth knowledge of the language and awareness of historical and cultural nuances of the country, which the language belongs to. Teachers of foreign languages are required in educational institutions, and language specialists are needed in diplomatic and government service, the travel industry and international business.

Knowing a foreign language (or many languages) makes your resume unavoidable in many business areas. Employers look for individuals with language skills since their organization has to do business with other nations, who don’t use an internationally accepted language like English or French.

As trade barriers between nations fall, doing business will need an understanding of each other’s languages. Knowledge of a foreign language opens up a great chance to grow as much as possible. Growth in a foreign country usually triggers off a corresponding demand for people speaking their language in other countries.

Once principal of my high school asked me to be a translator for a visitor from Japan, when I was in 12th grade. That visitor was also a principal from one of a high school in Japan. Both principals were unable to discuss but my presence made it possible. I translated English to Japanese, and Japanese to English. It was a wonderful experience for me.

An accomplishment in languages is a very marketable commodity today. Used as a primary professional skill it can………


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