July 12, 2020

The subject of Term Paper

Before starting a term paper, the most important step is the selection of an interesting term paper subject. An interesting subject of term paper is the one which is easy and enjoyable in writing.  In this regard, firstly I want to discuss the qualities of an interesting subject of term paper:

  • It should be manageable means it shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow, rather it possess enough information.
  • It should be interesting for the reader and writer both.
  • It should be innovative rather than general.
  • The subject of term paper shouldn’t be too much time consuming.
  • It should be clear and comprehensive.

The selection of subject of term paper is the most tricky and difficult step in term paper writing, because it is the first step of the longest writing journey and all of us knows “a well begun is half done”, so it must be chosen carefully.

In gross the term paper and college research paper subjects can be divided in to three types;

  1. Controversial subjects
  2. Convincing subjects
  3. Consequential subjects

Controversial subjects:

In controversial subjects, you may select a topic on which demands healthy debate. For example, “The businesses should not be discriminated on the basis of races”. This subject of term paper has been under debates since hundred years and can give you a best debatable topic, which will show your communication abilities in front of your teacher.

Convincing subjects:

A conceivable or plausible topic gives you an opportunity to convince your readers through proper and strong reasons. In this type of subject of term paper, you should give reasons in favor and against the term paper topic, both. E.g. “war against terrorism is an act of terrorism itself”

Consequential subject:

One can select a consequential subject of term paper which starts a debate with a very innovative and significant issue; it can be social, political, religious or international and can provide elaborate information regarding the topic. E.g. “Child abuse is a worst dilemma of the modern era”

In the end, I also want to mention that you should select a subject of term paper, which is closely related to your course outline. You should also consider the requirement of your teacher at the time of topic selection because your marks are on the mercy of him/her, so, consider his/her opinion first and ask him/her about the topic before final decision.

Now, the selection of subject of term paper is not difficult for you!

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