August 9, 2020

Student Research Papers

Research papers are academic writings required by a student to submit at the end of the semester for a particular course or field of study. Mostly you find difficulty in a writing a student research paper and many students seek professional help other than their college teachers or professors. Normally advisors write and you may find many articles that guide you how to write student research papers, but rarely do you come across an article that helps you point out problems with your research papers.

I have here a guideline that will help you locate those intricate errors and mistakes that causes student research papers to get rejected. This article aims to find those blunders and slip-ups and help you write A grade student research papers. By understanding the following pointers or steps you can learn to omit such mistakes and help other students as well.

  • First off you need to recognize that students often start their essays or introductory paragraph with quotations. This is accepted if you’re writing your paper in the field of literature, current affairs and happenings, history and many others. But if you’re writing a technical or scientific paper, including a quote puts a bad impression on the examiner. You need to realize that a quote is cited when you are either, unable or don’t want to, explain your argument and thus you back it up with a supporting quote. Thus in technical papers you need to explain every concept and argumentation you put forward yourself and therefore using quotes is inappropriate.
  • Secondly, you need to focus on the correct grammar, punctuations and verb tense in your research papers. At college level student research papers with poor verb tense and grammatical mistakes just reflects badly on a student’s writing skills and is unacceptable at this level. Normally this is detected at the admission application essay stages, and weak candidates face rejection right at the start. Weakly articulated student research papers that carry punctuations and grammatical errors are difficult to read and understand by the examiner and therefore may hurt your final grade. You need to be careful when to use present and past tense, and take particular care not to mix tenses as it always confuses the reader.
  • Student research paper writers are always advised to proof read their work before submission. Unfinished sentences, unnecessary expressions or phrases, and careless spelling mistakes always put a poor impression on the reader. You should realize that these student research papers are examined or read by someone therefore it should always be properly proof read to avoid such silly mistakes and prevent losing valuable marks.

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