As we become more reliant on technology, it’s important to understand the underlying assumptions of digital literacy.

By understanding these assumptions, we can better equip ourselves to use technology both safely and effectively.

Here are 11 underlying assumptions of digital literacy.

  1. The internet is a public space.
  2. Anyone can publish anything online.
  3. Not everything you read online is true.
  4. That email you just got could be a phishing scam.
  5. You should never give out your personal information online.
  6. You should always use strong passwords.
  7. Two-factor authentication is your friend.
  8. You should never click on links in emails from strangers.
  9. You should always download software from trusted sources.
  10. You should never install pirated software on your computer.
  11. You should always keep your software up to date.


By understanding the underlying assumptions of digital literacy, we can better protect ourselves and our computers from risks associated with technology use.

Keep these 11 assumptions in mind next time you’re online, and you’ll be sure to stay safe and informed while using the internet!

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